1,700 Dodge Vipers recalled for faulty door handles

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Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:12 pm

Dodge has announced a voluntary recall of its 2013-14 Vipers. In all, the recall affects 1,762 cars. The recall stems from a problem with the door handle assembly. Engineers found that the sealant didn’t adequately protect the door handle assembly from moisture. If the electronic switches get wet, they can short circuit causing the door to not close properly or to open while driving. If you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a 2013-14 Dodge Viper, bring it in to have the door assembly replaced at no cost to you.
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Fri Apr 24, 2015 4:00 pm

Thanks for the heads up daisymurphy. Valuable information for anyone that owns a dodge Viper. I personally have been saving for one for quite a few years. Due to the latest round of reduction to my compensation package I have been forced to reconsider due to finances. I'm afraid after years of dreaming of owning a viper I have to wave the white flag, I have given up on owning one. These financial hits have mounted up and crushed my dreams. However I am hearing some rumors that Toyota is somehow finding a way to drop the price on the Corolla in 2019. This unbelievable move was somehow made possible by new developments in their plan to remain "competitive". I'm going to hang on to my piece of junk I currently own so I can cash in on this unbelievable new development. I feel extremely lucky to have this opportunity and want to make sure I stretch my money to the max. A dollar isn't worth what it used to be worth ya know.
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